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Vance & Hines Pipes on a 08 Texas Chopper. We can make these pipes fit any HD or custom softail.

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Service Tip for Batteries - Guidelines for Maximum Use

This article was provided by American Iron Magazine. We tend to take batteries for granted. They're reliable (most of the time), easy to maintain (if done correctly) and economical. First thing is be sure you buy the right battery for your bike. Regardless of what type of battery you purchase, take the time to set it up properly. The first time a battery is charged is the most important charge of it's life. Most batteries are "dry charged" and although they will perform adequately (for a while) without additional charging, the state of charge is normally about 45% to 50% after servicing. As soon as the battery is connected to your motorcycle's electrical systen and loaded (this happens as soon as you turn the ignition switch on), the battery takes a "set". In other words, if your new battery only has a 50% charge when you install it, it will never reach a higher state of charge. Talk about operating under a handicap! Coat the battery connections with some type of protectant when installing. Last but not least, be sure the battery has the correct Cold Cranking Amps for your bike. Inadequate cranking amps can cause damage to your starter & pinion gear. Loose terimal connections can cause damage to your electrical system as well melt your terminal battery posts.

Match the care you give your battery to your riding habits. If you tend to take a lot of short hops (stop and go city riding conditions), the battery tends to become discharged. Each time the engine is started, it takes 10 to 15 minutes of operation at highway speeds to restore the battery's charge. This rarely occurs if most of your riding is in the city. If this profile fits you, invest in a motorcycle battery tender charger and keep it connected to make sure the battery is regularly maintained. Never let the battery go for more than a 2-week period without charging it. The best batteries in the world will become discharged. When this happens, it's all over for the battery (particularly with today's low maintenance lead-calcium batteries).